Advantages Of Growing Cannabis From Seeds Instead Of Cuttings

CannabisThe cannabis can be grown from seeds as well as cuttings. However, the clone plants are not as healthy as the ones bred from the seeds. The cannabis Seed Bank offers a huge variety of seeds to choose from depending on the choice and the conditions favorable for the grower. The official call to Visit Our Website of the cannabis seed bank will even give an option of delivering seeds at the doorstep. They have the clones to suit the purpose of every individual.

A wider range of choice:
The seed catalogs offer many varieties and strains, each one having their traits. If the grower has the option to pick up the best seeds, then it will suit his/her setup, and the growing conditions can be matched aptly. You can visit their Youtube channel to get a better idea. Using clones will not offer many choices as the growers have to guess regarding their morphology. Clones will carry diseases and defects that the mother plant might not have. The clones cannot adjust to all the growing conditions as well.

Avoiding the pests and insects:
Seeds will not entertain bugs and pests, so growing the plants directly from the seeds ensures a good crop. Like the other plants, cannabis is also susceptible to diseases, insects, and pests. These traits will be passed from the mother plant to the clones. Growers having their clones need not worry, but people are buying clones from others must worry about this issue. They die easily of infections and diseases. So, plants grown from the seeds will be healthy and free from the menace of bugs.

Huge crop yield:
The crop from clones is less both in quality and quantity. Clones produce weaker plants with deficiencies than the ones grown from seeds. After the growers put in much effort in raising the cannabis, if the crop does not reach the expectations, it is a waste of time and money. The clone seeds need to spend more time in the vegetative state to match the quality of original seeds. However, this process is cumbersome, the time taken and requires unique skill set of growing efficiently.

Plants with the ultimate strength:
The seeds of cannabis have a tap root system. The clones developed from plant cuttings experience stress, and this shows the effect on the crop quality. The clones do not have a tap root system. They will have fibrous roots that are weaker than the tap roots. The penetrating power of tap roots is lower than the taproot system. They cannot efficiently grasp water and nutrients. The taproot grows vertically and can sustain harsh conditions outdoors. The taproot system goes deeper into the soil and absorbs all the necessary nutrients. The clone plant roots are not firm and will not live for long under unfavorable conditions.

The main advantages of seeds over clones:
1) More choice
2) Stronger plants
3) More discrete
4) Auto-flowering
5) No pests and diseases
6) Longer shelf life
7) Different phenotypes
This is a summary of why seeds are preferred over clones in raising the crop of cannabis.

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