How To Store & Keep Melanotan Healthy For Research Purpose?


Melanotan is basically a lab made chemical which is similar to a hormone found in bodies of animals. It can be considered as a form of melanocyte stimulating peptide hormones in animals. You can keep Melanotan healthy by storing powdered form vials in a sealed plastic bag in your refrigerator. As stated by, you can store powder vials for 12 months if kept at room temperature in the refrigerator.

For research purpose, Melanotan has its own storage condition, i.e., from room temperature to refrigeration to freezer. So it is always advisable to consult with your supplier about any specific storage needs. Should always store Melanotan away from the reach of children, pets and especially away from food.

Summer traveling is very hectic for many people, and if you are carrying substances like Melanotan, you need to be very careful. It should be kept cool during the time of travel to avoid any damage. If you are going on a trip, then it should be assured that Melanotan is stored in original labeled container along with the bill provided by the supplier to avoid any hassle during drug identification or checking. Melanotan should be kept cool while the duration of travel. This can be achieved by utilizing chilled thermos or cooler, which again has to be kept in the freezer when reached to destination.

If the storage process is done properly, then Melanotan can be stored almost for a year. It can be achieved by

Melanotan in Powdered Unmixed Vial Form
It can be kept in a container or sealed plastic bag in a refrigerator. Should be kept away from food and maintained between 36-46 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, it has the possibility for Melanotan to remain viable for 12 months at least.

Melanotan in Mixed Vial Form
It should be kept in the refrigerator too in a container or sealed plastic back and for research should be used within eight weeks before any degradation happens.

While storing Melanotan, few tips to be kept in mind like

· To keep Melanotan safe for a longer period of time, the vial should never be shaken.
· Contamination and deterioration should be strictly avoided.
· Labels should be maintained properly
· Try to prevent any loss or theft
· Packaging should be maintained properly.

According to research, Melanotan is a type of product which helps in the production of melanin in animals. When the body of an animal is exposed to ultraviolet rays, a brown pigment called melanin is produced which makes the skin darker. Many online suppliers provide Melanotan in mixed form, but for research purpose, the premixed form is of no use and not legitimate and may have lost potency. Should always check if the supply is in stable and durable form.

In basic terms, Melanotan II offers greater thickness in its peptide chain, which means it is a more powerful peptide then it’s relative, and it works out to be a more moderate alternative that’s why it is a more prevalent peptide.

According to research, Melanotan I is a less powerful peptide, and it requires significantly more time for the impacts of it to be obvious to the animal. It is then again viewed as a more secure choice with fewer side effects in the animal.

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