The Science Of Endodontic Dentistry


Endo means inside and odont means tooth. Endodontic dentistry is one of the nine specializations of dental science, and it deals with the soft tissue inside the teeth called the pulp. Our smile attracts people, and behind the white pearly teeth, there are numerous soft tissues. The network of tissues is a canal. These tissues include nerves and blood vessels. Fremantle Smiles is a dental clinic that provides a one-stop solution to all the dental and oral issues. Root canal treatment is touted to be the most popular surgery and website gives complete information about the root canal treatment.

The canals in the teeth are very minute, and in case of an infection, it shows in the form of inflammation. For treating this infection, root canal treatment is required and is performed by Endodontists.

Education of Endodontists:
There are nine categories of the common word dentists. After graduating from a dental school, one has to go for a postgraduate course to become a certified Endodontic. They should obtain a license for practice. They are specialized in treating the soft tissues called the pulp and it is better to prefer Endodontists for root canal treatment than the dentists of other specializations. Their sophisticated equipment includes ultrasonic devices, fiber optics, digital imaging systems and compound operating microscopes.

The procedure followed by Endodontists:
Tooth decay and injuries are the reasons for infection in the pulp.
Steps followed by Endodontists:
Administering local anesthesia.
Choosing the correct and apt dental tools and microscope,
Making a hole in the infected tooth.
Removing the infected pulp.
Filling in filler that is sterile and biocompatible. Sealing the tooth in order to prevent future breakouts.

The root canal treatment process has a 95% success rate, and it helps in retaining the original tooth rather than its removal. In the majority of the cases, pain is totally relieved. Endodontists are the best set of doctors who can correctly decide whether to retain or remove the infected tooth. They also deal with sudden injuries and trauma. They also undertake endodontic retreatment. It means performing the root canal treatment again due to its failure the first time. There is an additional surgical procedure called Apicoectomies performed by Endodontists. This involves the removal of infected pulp from the root of the tooth. There is no need to drill a hole in the tooth.

If the symptoms of a toothache are confusing and if the reasons are not specific, patients are often referred to Endodontists. They carry out noninvasive procedures. Endodontists are the best set of dentists who can recognize the reason for discomfort and pain most successfully in a short span of time. They are mostly referred to patients by dentists of other specializations too. Dentists can deal regular ailments but Endodontists best deal with tooth injuries like knocked away tooth, pain due to inflammation and fractured teeth/tooth. It is always better to consult the experts because it helps save the other teeth as well. Oral problems like inflammation and pain should never be neglected.

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